Complaints Procedure Statement


We endeavour to provide the best education for all our pupils in an open and transparent environment. We welcome feedback from parents, pupils and other members of the school community and accept that sometimes not all of this will be positive. Where concerns are raised we intend to address these fairly, openly promptly and without prejudice. 

What to do if you have a concern about the school

Most concerns or questions can be resolved quickly and informally if they are raised straightaway. If you have a concern, please raise it informally with the appropriate member of staff who will be happy to talk to you and seek to establish a solution. In most cases, the opportunity for discussion, explanation or further information will resolve the issue. 
Sometimes, however, a concern will be too serious to be handled in this way. It may need greater investigation or the person involved may not feel that the answers they have received so far have been acceptable or adequate. In such circumstances, the concern will become a complaint and our formal complaints procedure should be used. Please use the link below to download the Complaints Procedure.

Please do not air any grievances or concerns on social media sites or online, as this is potentially damaging to the school and to pupils. It may also inadvertently prejudice the ability of staff or governors to act impartially should there be a need to investigate matters further.

Which procedure do I need?

There are special arrangements in law for certain concerns and these have their own policies and procedures as follows:

•    Pupil admissions – please see our Admission Policy on the admissions page

•    Pupil exclusions – please see our Behaviour and Pupil Well-Being Policy in the School Policies document available via the About Us link

•    Staff grievance, capability or disciplinary – these are covered by the policies for each of these areas, available from the Bursar

Complaints Procedure

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