Statement on Radicalisation and Extreme Viewpoints

The school recognises its duty to protect our students from indoctrination into any form of extreme ideology of whatever hue, including extreme left- and right-wing views, which may lead to the harm of self or others.  This is particularly important because of the open access to electronic information through the internet.  The school aims to safeguard young people through educating them on the appropriate use of social media and the dangers of downloading and sharing inappropriate material which is illegal under the Counter-Terrorism Act. The school vets all visitors carefully and will take firm action if any individual or group is perceived to be attempting to influence members of our school community, either physically or electronically. Our working definition of radical or extreme ideology is a set of ideas which could justify vilification or violence against individuals, groups or self.  Staff are trained to be vigilant for spotting signs of extremist views and behaviour and always to report anything which may suggest a pupil is expressing opinions which may cause concern.  Our core mission of discipleship, the call to service through love in action, permeates all we do. We place the strongest possible emphasis on understanding and respecting difference, on tolerance and the sanctity of life. We work hard to broaden our pupils’ experience, to prepare them for life and work in contemporary Britain. We therefore teach them to respect and value the diversity around them as well as understanding how to make safe, well-considered decisions.


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