School Policies 2017-8

We are a Catholic community, committed in our Mission Statement to the vision of the School as a spiritual building whose cornerstone is Christ and whose foundations are the Apostles and Prophets. It follows that our community must be one of love, all of whose members honour the Christ they find in one another. Each person in the School, no matter what his or her worldly status, deserves to be treated with the respect and, indeed, reverence due to one created in the image of God and redeemed by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

It is thus the responsibility of all members of the School, pupils, parents and teachers, to take swift and appropriate action when relationships in our community conspicuously fail to reflect these ideals. The following policy is commended as a series of concrete courses of actions to assist in this endeavour.

Download the School Policies 2017-2018 here


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