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Arrangements for Centenary Foundation Day Mass

School Event

As the school embarks on its centenary year we will join together to celebrate with the Foundation Day Mass.

The Mass will be held at Westminster Cathedral on Friday 19 September at 2.15 pm and attendance is by ticket only.*

As you know, this landmark occasion will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Vaughan on 21 September 2014. The principal celebrant will be Cardinal Vincent Nichols, who will be joined by around fifty of his fellow clergy.

The whole School will be in attendance. Pupils in Forms 1-5 will travel to the Cathedral by coach; pupils in the Sixth Form are asked to make their own way there by public transport and are to arrive no later than 1.45 pm. Upon arrival at the Cathedral, Sixth Form pupils will be registered by their Form Teachers. 

At the end of Mass, pupils in Forms 4-6 will be dismissed from the Cathedral. Pupils in Forms 1-3 may leave from the Cathedral, provided that the reply-slip sent out to all parents on 11 September has been returned to their Form Teacher by Wednesday 17 September. All other pupils will return on the coaches to School, arriving at approximately 4 pm.

*As much as we would like everyone to be able to attend this occasion, the restrictions of space at the Cathedral unfortunately meant that once the pupils and staff are seated, we are left with only around 100 seats for parents, Old Vaughanians and friends. All seats have now been allocated and attendance at the Mass is therefore by ticket only.

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