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News from the Old Vaughanians Association

Old Vaughanians' Association

Last year, many past pupils completed our ‘Memories of the Vaughan’ survey. For lots of different reasons, they told us that they are proud to be an Old Vaughanian. Overall, 83% of the Old Vaughanians surveyed said they would like to be more involved in the School and 90 % are interested in attending a reunion. Encouraged by this, we have organised a series of reunions and events for 2015.

The first of these events was held on Thursday 19 March in Addison Hall. Over 80 Old Vaughanians were able to join us for the occasion. It was wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces, many of the guests having never returned to the School since they first left as pupils. Feedback from the event has also been brilliant with lots of suggestion and ideas for future events (table tennis tournament anyone?)

Photographs from the evening are available to view online here

Events such as these offer a brilliant opportunity for past pupils to re-establish lifelong connections with the School, and with each other. We have a number of further events lined up for the rest of year, so please do check the calendar of events to see if you can join us for any (or all!)

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