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Important Meeting re Funding Threats

Dear Parents, Old Vaughanians and Friends,

In June 2016, I spoke to many parents at a whole school meeting about the current funding crisis in schools. As the situation continues to worsen, the financial threat to Cardinal Vaughan remains profound.

Current difficulties include:

-    Recruiting and retaining the best staff. Our Love & Service campaign did much to retain staff during a time where there is a chronic shortage of teachers. However, the fact is that such highly experienced and qualified teachers are retained at a premium in what is an increasingly competitive market.

-    Coping with reductions in our Government funding. There are many contributing factors including freezes lasting until at least 2019 (which is a reduction in real terms funding year on year) and changes to both the Sixth Form funding formula and pre-16 funding (via the introduction this year of a national funding formula).  These cuts are heavy, threatening and real.

-    Maintaining our enhancements to education not supported by the Government; these include the additional set which we provide in the Lower School to create smaller class sizes for those pupils who need it most, and additional teaching hours at A Level to enhance provision.

 In recent years our community has been pivotal in helping us move on in such difficult times. Our Love & Service campaign allowed us to complete, amongst many things, the Learning Support Centre in our new Centenary Building and transform our Science Department. We simply could not have achieved this without your support. If we can maintain and enhance the type of support, I believe that we will continue to be a forward-looking, self-determining institution which is the master of its own destiny, rather than the potential victim of events.

In order to inform and update you all on this situation, I invite you to a profoundly important meeting on Wednesday 27 June at 7pm in the New Hall, in which I shall outline the precise nature of these threats and the plan which the school has put in place to counteract them. This meeting - at which the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Directors will be present - is open to all parents, Old Vaughanians and friends of the school. I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend. To confirm your attendance, please email my Development Manager Hannah Thackwray at

We at the Vaughan seek not only to stay afloat in these increasingly difficult times, but to move forwards. It is only with the help and backing of our entire community that we can move onwards together and secure a bright future for this wonderful school.


Paul Stubbings