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GCSE Results 2019

Congratulations to our Fifth Form students who received their GCSE results today.

The proportion of grades at 9 & 8 (i.e. equivalent to the old A* grades and above) was, at 31.5%, extremely high, and over three times the national average for boys. Half of all grades were 9-7 – in other words, in old money, A**, A* or A.  I am especially proud that the proportion of grade 9s attained by Vaughan boys in English Language was, at 10.1%, over seven times higher than that of all boys nationally (1.4%) and that the overall A8 grade attained by Vaughan boys across the board was 6.3: that is every boy knocking on the door of an old A grade in every subject.  The P8 score looks set to be 0.5; this means that each boy achieved half a grade higher than his primary performance indicated.

Such results make the Vaughan, according to The Times, the highest performing comprehensive school for boys in the country.

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