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Samuel S, Head Boy 2022/23 

"I have studied at the Vaughan since 2016, when I joined the school in First Form. Although that was over six years ago, a considerable proportion of the teaching staff has stayed on, making my time at the school a lot more comfortable and consistent.

I have an offer from Cambridge University to study Computer Science, and I can say that the opportunity to do so was thanks to the staff at the Vaughan and their help in the application process. Through the school, I also got the opportunity to attend a week of work experience in a hedge fund, which allowed me to broaden my horizons on future careers.

One thing I find unique about the Vaughan is how our motto is instilled in us. Every day I see Love and Service being shown through both my peers and the teachers here. I feel that going forward, these values will help me in leading a good Catholic life.

I also see Love and Service in your ongoing support to the school, which I humbly thank you for."


Florence R, Head Girl 2022/23

"The Vaughan has made a huge impression on my life and where I see myself in the future. Most importantly, its commitment to Classics has allowed me to study Latin A-Level. The influence of the Classics extends far beyond the curriculum: I have written music for a Lower School production of the Odyssey; I have taught Latin at a local primary school; I have achieved a brand-new qualification in Ancient Greek.

Its music department is another reason why I chose the Vaughan. The most exciting project of my Lower Sixth was the school orchestra’s collaboration with the Southbank Sinfonia. I have also greatly benefitted from practising on the Vaughan’s four organs (including one apparently played by Mozart). The Vaughan's dedication to mastery of academic disciplines is what makes it so extraordinary.

Earlier this year I received a conditional offer from Oxford University to study Classics alongside an organ scholarship. I certainly could not have achieved this without the Vaughan. However, for me, the essence of Cardinal Vaughan is ambition for its students, and the school goes to great lengths in order to maintain excellence at all costs."


 Thank you for all your support to Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

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