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Admission to the School

In the interests of safety, please do NOT bring application forms or any other admissions paperwork into the school. Follow the instructions below and in communications we send you.

Click here for information about our upcoming Open Evenings for 2023 entry

Applications for entry to Year 7, Year 12 and in-year in September 2023 for the 2023/2024 academic year

Following a period of public consultation, from 22 November 2021 to 7 January 2022, the governing body has determined the admission arrangements for the 2023/2024 academic year of entry in accordance with Regulation 17 of the School Admissions Regulations 2012.  The process of consultation and determination was carried out in accordance with the Admissions Code and associated regulations. The determined arrangements and forms can be downloaded here

In accordance with Regulation 21 of the Regulations and Section 88 of the SSFA 1998, any person or body who considered that any maintained school or Academy's arrangements are unlawful, or not compliant with the Code or relevant law relating to admissions, can make an objection to the School Adjudicator. Information about Objections to the Schools Adjudicator can be obtained here

Applying for a Year 7 or Year 12 place in September 2022

Our admission process, including the criteria we use when we are oversubscribed, is set out fully in the Admission Arrangements. The arrangements were varied on 22 September 2021 to take account of changes required by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator. The changes concerned the supervisory role of the local authority in the random allocation process and the presence of an independent person during musical aptitude testing.

There are no vacancies at the moment. For further information, contact 


The deadline for applications in the normal admissions round has passed and places have been offered. 

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your form and write to you with the outcome of your application.

Open evenings for 2022 entry took place in September and October.


Year 7

  • The deadline for music aptitude applications is 5.00pm, Monday 27th September 2021.
  • Music aptitude tests will take place during the week which starts Monday 4th October 2021.
  • The deadline for the local authority’s e-admissions form is 31st October 2021.
  • The deadline for our supplementary Information form is 5.00pm, Friday 22nd October 2021.
  • Ability banding tests will take place on Monday 1st November 2021.
  • Offers will be made by the local authority on 1st March 2022.
  • Admission appeals will be held in May 2022.

Year 12 

  • The deadline for our supplementary information form is 5.00pm, Friday 5th November 2021. 
  • Course suitability discussions will take place in December 2021.
  • Conditional offers will be made by the end of February 2022.
  • Admission Appeals will be held in September 2022.

Applying for a place in-year this academic year  2021/2022

On 14 July 2021, the Directors agreed to vary the admission arrangements 2021/2022 to comply with the new Admissions Code 2021. The only change required was an expansion of the definition of previously looked after children to include those children who were in state care outside England and then adopted.

There are no vacancies at the moment. For further information, contact 


  1. Read the Admission Arrangements 2021/2022
  2. Download, complete and return the in-year supplementary information form
  3. We will acknowledge receipt of your form and write to you with the outcome of your application within 15 school days

How to appeal against a decision not to admit

The appeals timetable, information booklet and appeal forms are accessible here.

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