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Bursaries & Grants

Saint John Southworth Foundation

The Saint John Southworth Foundation (charity number 1121531) is a registered charity established to provide long-term financial support for the continuing development of all of the schools within the Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust – in our case, for Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

The Foundation offers bursaries and grants to support pupils in accessing opportunities, resources, and support unhindered by financial constraints to ensure educational equity and opportunity for all. We are dedicated in our endeavour to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement at the Vaughan.

Bursaries and grants can transform the school experience of motivated and talented pupils by providing them with the means needed to excel. Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of learners who are equipped with an aspiration to achieve more and reach their full potential.


How to Apply

Applying for bursaries and grants from the Saint John Southworth Foundation is a straightforward process designed to ensure accessibility and fairness for all applicants.

Prospective candidates are invited to submit their applications via the school bursar. Applications can be found here.

Our Board of Trustees reviews each application, considering financial need and extracurricular involvement. At the Vaughan, we are dedicated to enabling deserving students to access the support they need to excel.