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Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) serves as the ethical and moral foundation for the Catholic Church's commitment to social justice and the common good. Rooted in Scripture and the teachings of Christ, CST is a framework that guides individuals and communities in addressing societal issues and promoting human dignity.

The seven principles of CST, including the dignity of the person, the call to community and participation, and options for the poor and vulnerable, inspire Catholics to actively engage in the world with a sense of compassion and solidarity.

Emphasising the importance of social responsibility, CST encourages pupils to integrate faith and action, fostering a deep understanding of their role as agents of positive change in the world. Through the teaching of CST, our pupils are challenged to recognise and respond to injustices, working towards a more just and compassionate society in line with the teachings of their faith.

Faith in Action 2023-24

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable 

Every year at Cardinal Vaughan is full of moments that inspire. One that particularly stands out is Second Form pupil, Kaleb, who organised a fundraiser for the homeless. This is a resounding example of how Catholic Social Teaching encourages pupils to integrate faith and action, extending beyond School and to make a positive change in the world.

Kaleb and his siblings organised their own 5k sponsored walk for Crisis Homeless Charity on New Year’s Day in memory of their Parish Priest, Father Terry Murray, who sadly passed away before Christmas. In their efforts to help end homelessness, they have raised over £2,500.



At the Vaughan, we are proud to partner with Aid to the Church in Need. Last November alone we raised £2,000 for their £100k4Africa, part of their #RedWednesday appeal.

In addition, we have a long-standing connection with the School of Joy in Bethlehem, a school for children with special educational needs.

Last term, we raised £1,000 for the School of Joy. As a school community, we are so proud of the work we do collectively to help others in need.

We believe the Vaughan fosters a culture of service and responsibility which equips all pupils to make a positive difference. We are very fortunate to have a community rooted in philanthropy, without which this would not be possible.


Call to Family, Community and Participation

We asked our Head Prefects to share the ways that we display faith in action, by helping those most in need.

Thank you, Head Girl and Head Boy, Keoni and Alistair, and our Deputy Head Prefects Oscar, Dorothy, Peter, and Francesca for demonstrating love and service in action to ensure that the school ethos is carried across all areas of school life.



Each year, Cardinal Vaughan hosts its Senior Citizen Christmas Party, an event that honours senior residents from across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and local neighbouring boroughs. Over 120 senior citizens attended.

Cardinal Vaughan first launched the initiative in 1990 and over 30 years later, it is going from strength to strength. The school’s Big Band perform classic show tunes while the school’s Lower School choir serenaded guests with carols filling the hall with Christmas cheer. 

Local resident John commented: “The music has really moved me, and it’s been a wonderful celebration and the pupils have really looked after us.” Another local resident agreed: “Cardinal Vaughan always provide us with a wonderful event every year, and everyone leaves feeling happy and very cared for. Thank you, it means the world to us.”



Care for God’s Creation

Over the years our Eco Club have worked tremendously hard and dedicated their time to earn Cardinal Vaughan an Eco-Schools Green Flag for their outstanding commitment to the environment.

Our Eco Club launched an appeal during Advent sharing ways that we can care for God’s creation and be more sustainable, particularly at Christmas.

Thank you to our Eco Club Ambassadors Richard, Xavier, Pablo, and Kaleb for the informative and inspiring message.