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CVMS one of top three schools for returning PCRs to PHE during Covid trials

A recent study by the University of Oxford which looked at the effectiveness of daily testing within schools has found that the programme was just as effective in controlling school transmission as the 10-day contact isolation policy. Cardinal Vaughan was one of 201 schools and colleges to participate in the trial, which ran from March - June 2021, and we are delighted that CVMS was one of the top three schools in the study for returning their PCR tests to Public Health England. This is a testament to the hard work of the staff who organised the testing programme, as well as the staff and students who were diligent with testingThe school has received a prize of £5,000 for its achievement.

The study, which can be found here, reads that 'In the control group, 1.8% of available student school days were lost due to COVID-19, some of which were due to contacts outside of school. As expected, daily testing, rather than isolation of contacts, can reduce absences. Where school-based contacts take part in DCT, the best estimate was that this can reduce COVID-related school absences by 39%.' 

Many thanks to Deputy Headteacher Nick Kehoe and his team for their hard work in ensuring that we could contribute to such an important study.