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Gardening Club Update

Our Gardening Club, run by Mr Iczkiewicz, Teacher of Science, has been busy cultivating various fruits and vegetables this year, from planting potatoes and raspberries to nurturing cucamelons in the greenhouse. Pupils have shown remarkable dedication and enthusiasm to watering and tending to the planters, which were donated to the school by the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Last week, our Gardening Club harvested their radishes, which have been incredibly successful this year.

John C, First Form, commented: "I joined the Gardening Club at the beginning of the term after collecting the seedling kits from Marks & Spencer and growing my own fruit and vegetables at home. I like to cook with the produce we grow and enjoy them with my family."

Daniel G, First Form, added an excellent gardening tip: "Did you know that the chemical from onions that makes you cry is also a natural slug and snail repellant?"

The Gardening Club meet every Wednesday and Thursday. This hands-on experience not only teaches pupils about sustainable living but also provides an activity for them to unwind during lunchtime. Thank you to Mr Iczkiewicz, for running the club and inspiring our pupils to grow their own fruit and vegetables.