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Giving Day 2023

We’re delighted to announce that our recent Giving Day – the second we’ve ever hosted at Cardinal Vaughan – exceeded all expectations in raising £55,000 for the school!

Thanks to the enormous generosity and support of our parents and wider community, we beat our initial target of raising £30,000 on the first day. This prompted Headmaster, Mr Stubbings, to increase the target to £40,000 for the 36-hour event, which featured an alumni virtual assembly, a community run, and several in-school competitions which pitted teachers against pupils – with the pupils emerging victorious!

Cardinal Vaughan's was one of the first state schools in the UK to run its own Giving Day, enabling the school community to help the school continue to prosper at a time when state funding for education is under significant pressure. All funds raised will be reinvested into the school through the Love & Service Fund.  

The enthusiastic response to our Giving Day exceeded all our expectations, with a magnificent 84% participation rate from across the school community. We are so thankful to have such a committed community who continue to show so much support for Cardinal Vaughan and are incredibly grateful for everyone who got involved in our Giving Day, whether donating directly to the Fund or spreading awareness about the event.

The funds will go a long way in providing the pupils with resources and opportunities that will enrich their educational experience - and it is all thanks to you, our wonderful community.

From all of us at the Vaughan: thank you so very much.