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Mufti-day to Support Earthquakes Victims in Turkey and Syria

The devastating impact of the recent earthquake and subsequent aftershocks in Turkey and Syria has shocked and saddened people around the world – and in a heart-warming demonstration of Love and Service in action, our Head Boy is showing extraordinary leadership to help victims of recent events.
Seeing the terrible and heart-rending suffering on TV over half-term, Samuel Seyoum approached the Headmaster to suggest that school hold a Mufti Day to raise money through the Aid to the Church in Need’s Emergency Appeal, with each pupil taking part donating £2 to the cause. The appeal aims to help the millions who have been made homeless by the earthquakes and are now in desperate need of food and emergency shelters.
In another idea put forward by Samuel, pupils are also invited to wear a piece of red clothing – reflecting the red that features in the national flags of both Syria and Turkey - to demonstrate their solidarity with all those who find themselves in such desperate circumstances following the earthquakes. The mufti day will take place this Friday (3 March).
Samuel Seyoum, Head Boy, comments“When I saw suffering caused by the earthquake, it made me think how fortunate we are with what we have. We are all blessed to not worry about where our next meal will come from - or having a safe place to sleep at night. This is why I feel like we must do our part to help and together to make a real difference.”
Mr Paul Stubbings, Headmaster, adds: “I struggle to think of a better example of Love and Service in action then Samuel coming to us with his idea of how we might help those who finds themselves in such dire circumstances following the earthquakes. The fact that pupils such as Samuel think so deeply about helping those in distress - and then have the initiative and drive to put these ideas into action – speaks very strongly to the strength and compassion of the Vaughan community.”