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SJSCAT Lay Chaplain

As a vital member of our school community, the SJSCAT Lay Chaplain, Caroline Moulinet, contributes to the spiritual and pastoral care within our community by fostering a supportive and nurturing environment deeply rooted in Catholic values. With a profound commitment to spiritual guidance, Caroline offers pastoral care and support to both students and staff across the Trust as well as beyond the walls of the school, as she collaborates closely with families to strengthen the bonds of our faith community. Caroline has a central role in implementing the Trust vision across its schools and enhancing our Catholic ethos by overseeing Chaplaincy provision.

School Chaplain

Fr Roger Reader is a priest at the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green, London. He was ordained in 1995 and worked full time in prisons from 1998, first as a chaplain at HMP Whitemoor for three years, and then for 12 years at Feltham Young Offenders Institute.

Monsignor Reader was assigned as our School Chaplain in 2019. He is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the school, including the provision of the Chapel and celebrating Mass, administering the Eucharist and leading Liturgy. He also provides pastoral support by celebrating the sacrament of confession.

Pupil Chaplains

As a way of developing and enhancing the Catholic life of the school and pupil participation in prayer and worship, each Form group at the Vaughan has two Worship Representatives.

Worship Representatives are responsible for:

  1. Creating a rota for different pupils in each form to deliver an aspect of the weekly' Thought for the Week' resource.
  2. Creating a 'Form Worship' board in their tutor room to enhance Catholic worship within the tutor group.
  3. Creating a prayer box, for students to put private prayers in. These can be placed on the altar for Friday Mass and blessed.
  4. Meeting with Ms Evans, Head of Religious Education, on a half termly basis to discuss Catholic Worship in the school.

Being appointed as a Worship Representative is a highly rewarding opportunity and pupils serve a very important service to the school.

Our Faith in Action group is a dedicated group of Lower School pupils, led by Ms Machado, Teacher of Religious Education, committed to implementing the principles of Catholic Social Teaching into practical service within their community. This group embodies the school's ethos of love and service by displaying compassion and social responsibility. By engaging in Faith in Action, students learn to integrate their beliefs into meaningful, real-world impact that extends beyond the classroom and inspires others. Find out more about the Faith in Action Award here.