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Samuel Seyoum, Head Boy delivers speech at Cardinal Vaughan community event

Samuel Seyoum, Head Boy delivers speech at Cardinal Vaughan  

My name is Samuel, I am the current head boy here at the Vaughan and I joined the school back in 2016.

Although that was well over 6 years ago, a considerable proportion of the teaching staff has stayed on since then, making my time at the school a lot more comfortable and consistent. 

I have applied to Cambridge University to study Computer Science and I can say that the opportunity to do so was thanks to the staff here at the Vaughan and their help in the application process. Through the school, I also got the opportunity to attend a week of work experience in a hedge fund, which allowed me to broaden my horizons on future careers.

One thing I find unique about the Vaughan is how our motto is instilled in us. Every day I see Love and Service being shown through both my peers and the teachers here. I feel that going forward, these values will help me in leading a good Catholic life.

My most memorable moment at the Vaughan is participating in the school production of Les Mis last summer. Being part of such a large group of students across multiple year groups really brought us all together, which I will never forget.

All these things were made possible because of your ongoing support to the school, which I thank you humbly for. 

For further details about the applying for a place to study with us for Sixth Form, please click here.

We wanted to pay tribute to Samuel who is not only balancing the challenges of preparing for his A-levels with his responsibilities as Head Boy, he does so much for our school community epitomising our values of Love and Service. Samuel also played an important role delivering a speech at a recent Vaughan community event. Thank you Samuel!


Head Boy Samuel Seyoum and Head Girl Florence Robinson