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Willing the Future

All of us have causes and institutions dear to our hearts and for many of us, our school is one of them. The support of parents, former pupils and other well-wishers has enabled Cardinal Vaughan to enhance the opportunities it provides to generations of pupils. Leaving a bequest to the school (an exempt charity) provides a lasting memorial of your generosity ensuring that your support continues into the future and, if exempt from Inheritance Tax, has the potential of substantial benefits to your estate and therefore your loved ones. Making a will ensures that your wishes will be respected after your death.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of making a bequest to Cardinal Vaughan please contact the school's Bursar Steven Keogh at

Benefits to the Vaughan

Your legacy can help to ensure that the school can undertake such projects as:

  • refurbishment of buildings
  • upgrading of playing fields
  • endorsement of out-of-school activities, e.g. Young Engineers Club, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Interact Club (Junior Rotary), Envision (Recycling club), Vaughan Centre for Young Musicians
  • making a contribution to the furtherance of Catholic education
  • endorsement to support extra-curricular sports teams, e.g. cricket, rugby, football, rock climbing
  • endowment of pupil hardship fund
  • assisting The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in its long-term financial planning

Benefits to You

In addition to the knowledge that your generosity will provide benefits beyond your lifetime, a bequest to the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School will:

  • provide a lasting memorial of your support for the school
  • be exempt from inheritance tax, reducing the exposure of your entire estate
  • ensure that less of your estate is lost to the state, increasing the proportion available to your beneficiaries
  • prevent your estate being lost to the Crown if you have no living relatives

Types of Legacy

  • a pecuniary legacy enables you to leave a specific sum of money to the school
  • a reversionary legacy enables you to leave a capital sum to provide an income for family members; on their death the capital reverts to the school
  • a residuary legacy provides that, after bequests to your loved ones, the remainder goes to the school
  • conditional legacy provides that, should none of your named beneficiaries survive you, your estate will be left to other named beneficiaries including The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
  • specific legacy is a means by which you can leave a personal possession to The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. Examples include jewellery, works of art, antiques, property or stocks and shares

 How to Make a Bequest

It is strongly advisable to employ the services of a solicitor in drawing up your will. For uncomplicated wills, this is a relatively inexpensive service and will ensure that disputes do not arise later.

If you wish to include or have already made a bequest to The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in your will, we would be grateful if you could complete this Pledge Form. This will enable the school to plan more efficiently, but it will be kept confidential if you wish.

If you have already made a will but would like to add a bequest to the school, please complete this Codicil Form. Sign and date it in the presence of two witnesses, who should also sign and date it.